HYBE Labels is Under Criticism For Allegedly Conducting An Improper Body Check At A Fansign.

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HYBE Labels is Under Criticism For Allegedly Conducting An Improper Body Check At A Fansign. | Kextro

Online chatter is being generated by the controversy over HYBE Labels‘ unjust body search of supporters during a fansign event.


A fansign event was conducted in South Korea on July 8 by the HYBE Labels Japan-affiliated Japanese boy band &TEAM. But after the incident, one of the participants went online to talk about their frightening experience.

The author of a post titled “HYBE did an underwear search during fansign event” detailed how an event staff member conducted a body search that included searching their underwear. The personnel defended their conduct by stating that they were taking extra precautions to find any gadgets or smartwatches that may be used as covert recording devices.


The staff member reportedly patted the participant’s chest and asked if a watch was present rather than performing the customary body search. They were then led into a separate room where they were instructed to remove their clothes and allow their undergarments to be examined. The participant described feeling very humiliated and as though their human rights had been violated.

Since the post’s publication, it has attracted a lot of attention and is now trending in South Korea on Twitter. HYBE Labels has not yet responded to this occurrence in any way.


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