MONSTA X’ Jooheon To Enlist For His Military Service On July 24.


MONSTA X' Jooheon To Enlist For His Military Service On July 24. | Kextro

This month, MONSTA XJooheon will enroll to begin his required military duty.


Jooheon stated he will enroll in the military on July 24 KST in a handwritten letter to supporters. The MONSTA X member expressed his concern for the fans and gave them the assurance that he will come back a better guy.

Jooheon penned the following:


Hello, my dear MONBEBE.
I feel like this year was really busy.
That means I spent more time with MONBEBE, and I’m sure we’ve made a lot of memories together, right?
The positive smiles and happiness of MONBEBE, the countless lights you created…
My heart is filled with all the love you sent me during the time we’ve spent together, and it’s still full of happiness. Because the time I spent with my members and MONBEBE is incredibly precious and joyful to me, I wanted to spend this time entirely with all of you and share this news.

MONBEBE, I will be enlisting in the military on July 24.
I’ve been considering when would be the best time to tell you. I’m actually very worried about how MONBEBE will feel since there’s not much time left. Even as I write this, I’m worrying a lot. Because of this worry, I’ve thought about it a lot… More than anything, I wanted MONBEBE to see me and enjoy themselves, smiling and being happy at the fan concert, and I wanted to do the same for you. That’s why I’m sharing this news today.

I wish we had more time together, and I’m still concerned about the short time left, but since I’ve captured every single moment of MONBEBE being happy, I think I’d deliver the news this way even if I could turn back time… After all, enlisting is something I have to do.
I will do well and come back bravely! Don’t worry because I won’t be gone forever. Promise me that every day, you’ll look up at the sky and think back on what I’ve done and remember Jooheon!! Got it??
Thanks to MONBEBE, I gain a lot of energy and feel free when I hear your voices singing along with me. I watched myself grow and told myself, ‘Don’t worry,’ and ‘You will be happy,’ and I wanted to tell myself and MONBEBE that I want each day to be better than yesterday. Don’t forget the passionate days we sweated together and the passionate days we spent together. If you forget those memories, I’ll be really sad… Got it? I’ll come back and show you an even more cool side of me. As I said before, I consider this time our comma. Instead of a period, it’s a brief moment leading to the next. I love you all day, I love you always, so in love with yourself. Thank you so much for showing me love. I love you, MONBEBE.

From, Jooheon (Joohoney)

The original letter:

MONSTA X' Jooheon To Enlist For His Military Service On July 24. | Kextro

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